Bridging the GAP

Gifted artists from depressed socioeconomic communities seldom manage to establish a viable following to earn a living from their talent. The Grassroots Art Project's aim is to help generate an income for these artists by making print reproductions accessible to them. Artworks are photographed, printed and will be sold on the Online Art Shop's online platform alongside established artists' work.

Vision & Mission

The Grass Roots Art Project seeks to promote equity and self-empowerment through sustainable self-employment in fine art entrepreneurialism.  The ethos of inclusive promotion of the highest quality reproduced artwork for talented artists across the socio-economic strata influences art consumption to benefit emerging artists’ economic prospects.

The Artists

Funding the GAP

We would love to partner with you in supporting the GAP. Currently the best way to GIVE a little and GET a little is to purchase the artist's work itself. Contact us if you would like to sponsor an artist with art supplies.