Pam Quinlan

Pam Quinlan grew up in Zimbabwe. As a child she would accompany her mother, an accomplished landscape artist, on frequent painting excursions into the countryside. These experiences gave

Pam an early insight into the creative process.

Pam's artistic career began in 2000, and she has since become a well-known and sought-after artist, her works on display in select galleries, exhibitions and boutique markets around South Africa. Many of her wildlife paintings have found homes all over the world, and her commissioned paintings have delighted patrons as far afield as Australia, Canada and the UK.

Pam loves the magic of watercolours, finding joy and excitement in the unpredictable nature of this responsive medium. But with a truly African sense of adventure, she relishes new ways of creating, and her more recent works display a growing mastery of oils, acrylics and mixed media.

She specializes in capturing the unique character of African wildlife, land and seascapes, and more recently, the unique scenery of South Africa's beautiful Western Cape region.

Her wildlife portraits display a startling realism, and the sense of mood and space captured in her land and seascapes speak of her great mastery and keen powers of observation.

In 2014, Pam was honored to receive the South African Society of Artists prize for Best Watercolour.

Abongile Ngesi

My name is Abongile Ngesi, born and grew up in Cape Town. I am 26 years old staying in Khayelitsha in a (shack) where i do all my art , the biggest and smallest ideas that I have comes from here. Going back to the roots

of how it all started, I did my primary school in one of the schools in Cape Town Nkazimlo Primary school where I was focusing on basketball and I was very good at it was appointed MVP for all the years I was playing ,I didn't know what was art  we didn't know the power of art and didn't see it as a skill so I didn't do much of art i would only draw with friends during break times and sometimes we would get into trouble to draw in class sessions, drawing teachers, students and the atmosphere of the class mostly we would do mockery of the teachers draw them in funny ways LOL.. I was called several times in the office for disciplinary hearings and lot of detentions but still didn't understand, I was only having fun. In 2006 still involved in Basketball but now I'm coaching no longer playing and It is then I went to Chris Hani Arts and Culture school where everything changed for me I was introduced to whole new beautiful and awesome world I was fascinated by the dynamic and artistic atmosphere  I developed love for art instantly, it is only then I knew what I wanted to do. I was doing Visual arts up until matric in 2010 but I wanted to explore more because I got so curious about other mediums, platforms, artists, styles, as I was doing history of arts so I learnt all about the greatest artists of all times.  I was just so keen to try new things in the creative side, that after my matric I didn't go to the institutes that were not offering visual arts and creativity as one of their subjects so along the way in 2011 I found myself doing Animation 2D in False Bay college a short course of one year but didn't get any certificate for it. 2012 I was busy with my art still working in lot of projects had group exhibitions in Woodstock with other artists meeting with artists from all over the world as they were coming to Cape Town more often and i learnt alot from them. A year later I was still doing art but now I had to be able to get a steady income as things were not that good at home and on the other side trying to keep money for my studies i had to work and for the first time I was working in Burger King cape town but I was not happy so I left without finishing the year I met up with other artists and selling my art pieces how I can and year passed I went to do apprenticeship in Mosaic at Spier Arts academy where I was doing mosaic, for one and half year I left without finishing the course because of the attendance and the rules and was still busy with making and selling my artworks aside also still involved in outside projects doing murals around, selling to tourists so after Spier I went to do Graphic design and Printmaking in College of Cape Town the only course I finished and got the certificate from but still working on my diploma getting my hours so I can get my diploma also I'm still selling and making my art.. but now am more wanting and hoping to start a business in art, Graphic design, printmaking and other creative business opportunities because in our days it is all about creativity and creation. I'm not where I want to be but I believe I'm where I am to be where I want to be.

Abongile Fihla

Karin Davel

Masixole Zozi

My name is Masixole Zozi, friends call me “Max” I am 25 years old, I have studied Art and Design in College of Cape town. I live in a shack in someone else’s back yard somewhere in Khayelitsha.

Where I grew up in Eastern Cape there were no Art Schools, but I loved drawing ever since primary. I only knew art when I got to Cape town in 2013, by getting inspired by Graffiti and Murals around the beautiful City of Cape town, so I felt that spark and love of Art and I decided to study Art the following year which was 2014.

The struggles I have encountered in becoming an Artist is that I would be late sometimes on school projects because of money problems, but I would submit every work. I thank my mother for that she’s very supportive, and the most difficult time was when our shack burnt and I lost most of my pieces and left with few pencils and blank sheets.

The Art education tought me things I never knew about Art such as techniques and history of Art. I only knew how to draw 2D drawing but because of Art education I know most things about Art, and I still want to continue my studies in Art.

About my Art, I draw portraits sometimes of people I know and paint landscapes and objects, when you study my Art it portrays hope, peace and love.

Presently I am still looking for a job , I need some money to buy some equipment/ kit.

In future I see myself owning a Gallery and also helping upcoming Artists, and would also like to exhibit my work Nationally even International

Baxolele Gqola

Baxolele Gqola from Gugulethu, Cape Town, studied Visual Art at the Peter Clarke Art Centre. His distinctive portrait style was acknowledged in the Sanlam portrait competition in 2016 when he came in the top 200.

He has held exhibitions at Kirstenbosch Gardens as well as the Solstice Foundation. Baxolele enjoys painting with oils and experimenting with various media. He contributes to his community by assisting in mural-painting programmers' at local schools.

Yonela Kitise

you find us decorating ourselves by making geometry patterns and we beautify ourselves, I'm trying to take you back to the world of utopia (perfect world) sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences basically I'm celebrating True identity of Africans were we come from. My dream is to show the world the beauty of my people through my art and I hope people can see and learn our culture and our customs and see we are the friendly people see how we do our things and the clothes we wear we help each other because we believe a person is a person by others, and I want to help other disadvantage artists who can't afford being an artist but they got a talent, would love to myself being of the talented young black artist in South Africa and I would love people to simply enjoy the beauty of my work and the message I'm sending to the world. 

Bret Shuman

Rick Becker

Rick is a self taught artist who started painting full time in 1989. His first solo exhibition was at the Sanlam Centre, Pretoria, in 1989. Since then, he has had numerous solo and joint exhibitions throughout South Africa. In 1990, he was invited to

participate in a joint exhibition and art workshop in De Bron, Holland. He continued to live and paint in Holland for 6 months and during this time focused on commissioned abstract pieces. Upon returning to South Africa, he moved to Cape Town and apart from painting was involved in other art forms such as ceramics and designing. His preferred medium is oils/acrylics on stretched canvas. The Karoo is Rick’s main source of inspiration for his landscapes. His works manage to capture the solitude of the region, and seemingly simple images such as a rundown farmhouse or rusty old car wreck, evoke a sense of nostalgia in the viewer. His abstract works range from geometrically orientated works, to loose, thickly textured pieces, sometimes making use of an encaustic technique which fuses pigments and objects, and also allows for some translucency.

"Inspiration for my landscapes is drawn from the Karoo. There is something about the Karoo that resonates with my soul. The vast space, crisp skies, unusual rock formations and “koppies”, coupled with the solitude of the area enable one to find rest from the hectic and often destructive way of life considered the ‘norm’. The sky is God’s canvas, and the colours you will often see during a Karoo sunset seem surreal; hue’s of oranges, pinks, greens, purples and reds combine in one sunset ignoring all art- schools rules of colour combinations. There are so many images apart from the natural beauty of the area that I find appealing - farm houses, simple labourer’s cottages, a windmill, a rusty wreck, washing hanging on a barbed wire fence etc.

Abongile Ngqunge

Sikelelo Holose

Sikelelo Holose was born in 1983-06-03 at Gugura a farm near Qumrha (Komga). According to my mother (in an interview, October, 2011), in the mid-year of 1983, my family moved (migrated) from Komga to the old Transkei.He was a very young baby at the time not even a toddler, but currently he based at Cape Town. He is a young visual artist. Sikelelo is a second last on his family, and he is one of educated person on nine siblings. He persuades his studies; he obtained Degree (BTech in Fine Art) at Walter Sisulu University of Technology and Science, Eastern Cape.

He specializing in Painting also he is a surrealist artist as he grew up in rural areas. He decided to combine various symbols and metaphors to build up his work, currently he focusing on education crisis because here in South Africa education is on high level of risk to collapse which is all levels of education. He express and attract viewers by his style of using floating papers, lid pencil, painting brushes and so on.

As a former village boy he experienced and tasted the life of rural areas, and had many challenges arising from inadequate schooling. Now he reflects on some of those difficulties he experienced in times gone past. In the village he knew nothing about computers and many other modern things, but a career exhibition resulted in some life changes including that he has further education and found a direction for his life in art.

Now he dedicated to help children and fellow South African to stay away from drugs, violence, dropout at school and some bad influence. His intention is to develop the children skills in terms of offering them the opportunities on a genre of art. As we know that art is versatile and wide so now it`s time to keep children busy by different skills such as  Drawing skills, painting skills, printmaking skills, art theory and ceramics which is pottery. To give children these skills that already mentioned above it will help them when they grownup to open their businesses or working as an enterpreaneaure and also to serve community as whole.

Andrew Mokgatla

Andrew Mokgatla grew up in a small town just outside Bloemfontein. Art and drawing came naturally. He was praised as a young one for his talent, but being a professional artist was a foreign concept in his community. Andrew went against the grain and pursued an art education; he graduated with a National Diploma in Fine Arts from Free State University of Technology. He was also the first to organize an art exhibition in his township; gathering local artists, curating the event and introducing his community to the world of telling stories through art. Andrew currently has a studio in Muizenberg that serves as a hub for his illustration, painting and facilitation work.

Andrew speaks about his early memories of being an artist: “As a student I was always fascinated with drawing people and depicting everyday circumstances as they happen. In the 80’s and 90’s, art was not part of township public education, but I loved biology where I learned about the human body and observed the human form. I drew from what I was learning in the classroom; I was constantly sketching people at school and at home.”

His creative career has been vast: inside public school classrooms, art based non-profits, publishing companies, private galleries, Plein Air Festivals, and commission-based freelance. Because Andrew fought for his success from township to big-city, he desires for his work and process to inspire others, educate a new generation and give hope that you can make a career you love out of your gifts and talents!


I’m fascinated by the story of everyday life. There’s so much we miss and don’t stop to appreciate. My work captures the beauty of a moment – the smile of a child, the slouch of an old man, the fabric of daily life.

I find inspiration from my immediate surroundings. Portraits definitely speak volumes, but colourful landscapes and the heart of community-life make me want to stop the world and capture the moment. I want to make sure viewers take note of how beautiful their every-day environment can be. We all have a story to tell. We all have things to celebrate. It’s my mission to help others discover the beauty around them and celebrate their life.

Chumisa Fihla