Art of History

The Art of History Project feeds into the Online Art Shop’s celebration of South African art, culture and heritage through reproducing prints of historical photographs from hidden archives that are inaccessible to the public. These historical photographs are intended to stimulate conversations about bygone eras in homes, business and social environments in order to promote meaningful conversations around South Africa’s unique and colourful heritage. The inclusion of historical images in mainstream art consumption will hopefully popularize South African history and contribute towards nation-building and cohesion.

In keeping with the Online Art Shop’s promotion of socio-economic development, the sale of print reproductions of historical images will provide ongoing income to heritage organizations in order to support the sourcing, promotion and preservation of heritage artifacts that should be recorded for the benefit of the nation. In purchasing and displaying an Art of History print you will be supporting this very noble cause.

The Online Art Shop prints images on high quality canvas, and fine art or photographic paper. We also provide a canvas stretching, framing and block-mounting service.  Should you have specific needs we will undertake to source images from the archives.


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